Upload APK/IPA using APIs

Updated 2 months ago by Adnan Pandjou

Upload API to push to builds to Sofy

Upload APK/IPA

To upload build to SOFY, use the following curl command:

curl --location --request POST "https://api.sofy.ai/api/AppTests/buildUpload" \
--header "SubscriptionKey: SUBSCRIPTION_API_KEY" \
--form "applicationFile=@\"/path/to/file\""
--form "CertificateName="CERTIFICATE_NAME""

Note: The parameter "CertificateName="CERTIFICATE_NAME"" is an optional field which can be included if you are uploading an enterprise build.

Once build is uploaded, the API response will include the hash code of the build number as shown below:

{"ResponseMessage":"Application Upload Successful","AppHash":"APP_HASH_FROM_BUILD_UPLOAD"}

The above APP Hash can be used to trigger a schedule execution of your test in Sofy for the build that got uploaded. Click here to view details on how to trigger schedule execution through APIs.

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