Release Readiness Report

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After running & executing several test cases for the current release, you may seek to track your testing progress before the release is pushed to production. Alternatively, you may want to gain an overview of the progress made so far with respect to the features or tests in the current release.

The Reports section in Sofy dashboard enables you to get a birds-eye view of how the overall release looks like for you and keep track of test cases that passed, failed or need some fixing. Here's how you can view a summarized report of your release-readiness in Sofy:

  1. On the Sofy dashboard, click on the Reports button on the left navigation panel:

  1. Then select the Release that you would like to analyze. For example, here let us choose the Release named as "DEFAULT":

  1. When you click on it, it will show you the details of that release including:
    1. How many total test runs were performed,
    2. How many devices were used for testing,
    3. How many distinct test cases were executed,
    4. Number of test runs which passed/failed,
    5. Number of test runs which were left incomplete,
    6. Number of test runs which were abandoned or cancelled by the user

  1. You can also select different builds for the test runs, which may be helpful in cases where you detected a bug in a certain build, later fixed it and now ran the test again in a different build. The search functionality also enables you to search for a test run which may run repeatedly on different devices or with different configurations.

  1. You can also click on the Details icon to view the details of a specific test case:

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