Viewing Results of Lab Runs from Dashboard

Updated by Aishwarya Rai

You can view the Results of the individual Lab Runs in the Dashboard by following the below given steps:

  1. From the Dashboard Menu, click on the Automation menu
  2. Select the Runs & Results to view the status and results of all your Schedule Runs and Lab Runs:
  3. You can select Lab Runs from the dropdown and will be able to see the list of all Lab Runs:
  4. You can click on the Details icon to view the details of a schedule run:
  5. The Results of the Lab Run will now be visible:
  6. You can also click on Compare to Recording option to view the side-by-side view of the original scenario which you recorded vs the actual playback:
  7. In the Compare to Recording view, you can see the the stepwise view of the test run by navigating through the left & right arrows:
  8. You can also use the Element Explorer option to visually select an element from the screen and view its XML details:

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