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Swipes are common interaction patterns used in mobile devices to perform specific actions or access additional functionalities such as navigation, refreshing screens, opening up contextual menus, drag-and-drop and so on.

Sofy allows you to register a swipe while automating your tests. They are easy to perform and work just like how they would on a real mobile device.

Here's how you can perform a Swipe action in Sofy

  1. Acquire a device from the Device Lab and open up your app. For demonstration purposes, here we will use the in-built Google Maps app
  1. To perform a Swipe action, click on a point on the mobile app & drag in the left, right, up or down direction
  1. You will see that the Swipe action gets recorded in your test & similar to what is shown below, the area on the Map changes:
  1. This Swipe action is also visible in the Offline Test Edit mode where the label "Swipe" is appended underneath the particular swiping step:

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