August 2023

Updated by Jessica Holman

August 31st, 2023

  1. Long Press action on Android: You can now perform a Long Press gesture while testing your app on Android devices.
  2. Filter test cases by tag and create test suites: Anytime you need to search for a test case using Sofy’s filtering options, you can now filter your search by tags assigned to a test case. You can use this by filtering your test cases by a specific tag and grouping them into a Test Suite for scheduled test runs.
  3. Select and manage multiple test cases at once: While in the Automation menu, you can select multiple test cases at a time and either create a new Test Suite, add them to an existing Test Suite, or delete the test cases altogether. 
  4. Mobile device health tracking: Increased the tracking of mobile device health in the real device cloud farm to improve the user experience and device availability.
  5. User interface and user experience update: Several updates were made across the Sofy platform to improve the user interface and experience.

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