April 2023

Updated by Adnan Pandjou

April 5th, 2023

  1. Numeric Asserts: The assert engine is even more powerful. The assert engine has been enhanced to perform asserts on numeric values. This new functionality facilitates easy execution of various operations such as greater than, equal to, in-between, less than, and many more on your numeric values. You can learn more about how to apply asserts here
  2. Save multiple variables from an API step: Test cases are not just a set of steps performed on your screen. Infact, test cases often require creating runtime test data from API responses, which can then subsequently be used as an input to a test step. With the updates made to the API step functionality, you can now create multiple variables in one go, allowing you to save precious time and minimize effort. Learn more about how to use API steps in your test cases here.
  3. Add Regular Expression to API Step Responses: We heard your requests and delivered! It is now possible to extract substrings from API responses utilizing regular expressions. This functionality is useful in various scenarios, such as extracting OTP from a complete text, verification codes from emails, or any other related use case you can conceive of. Learn more about how to use API steps in your test cases here.
  4. Release Readiness Report: We are excited to introduce our first report, Release Readiness Report. This report will assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of your testing progress, empowering you to make informed decisions on your release readiness. For a given release, you can view how many test runs passed, failed, didn't execute and were incomplete due to various reasons. To learn more about the Release Readiness Report, click here.
  5. Introducing new CI/CD APIs: We understand the significance of smooth integration between your testing and CI/CD platforms. Our recently introduced APIs offer more detailed information about specific runs and statuses, thereby simplifying the integration process even further. To learn more about how to trigger schedule runs and view their statuses, click here.
  6. In addition, we've also made several updates to improve the overall testing experience on Sofy.
    1. Optimized the playback experience for iOS devices.
    2. Made it easier to quickly navigate to failure reasons from the Compare to Recording page.
    3. User Interface improvements made across the Sofy portal to elevate user experience.

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