Understanding Sofy Dashboard

Updated 4 months ago by SYED A HAMID

Sofy dashboard is a comprehensive view of your complete testing status on the Sofy platform. You can look at the overall stats for different releases, builds and tests as well as click on the individual metrics to get itemized details. The dashboard shows data based on every release.

The dashboard shows the following metrics (you can choose the Release for which you want to see the testing metrics on the top right corner):

  1. Number of testers
  2. Device hours used
  3. Issues Created
  4. Number of Builds
  5. Manual Tests
  6. Automated Tests
  7. Team members progress

Within the team progress, you can view the following metrics-

  1. Tests Executed (Automated/Manual)
  2. Devices Tested
  3. Device Hours
  4. Avg. Device Session
  5. Issues Identified

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