October 2023

Updated by Jessica Holman

October 31st, 2023 release notes

  1. Action bar: Updated the Device Lab action bar and reorganized the icons according to their functions.
  2. Swipe Until action: Added the manual override Swipe Until to add as a step in test cases. This is useful when you must swipe through a page to select an element and the number of swipes changes for each device or screen size.
  3. Abort scheduled run: Added a feature that allows you to abort a scheduled run. This is useful if you need to cancel your schedule for some reason.
  4. API step variables: Removed the limit of 10 variables per API step. You can now add as many variables as you want to an API step.
  5. Compare to recording: Improved the user experience of the Compare to Recording screen to provide more user-friendly info.
  6. iOS 17: Added support for iOS 17 for devices running iOS 15 and higher.
  7. Platform improvements: Platform updates made to improve overall execution across both iOS and Android devices.

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