March 2023

Updated by Adnan Pandjou

March 2nd, 2022

  1. The APIs for App upload have been updated with an optional parameter of CertificateName. This new functionality streamlines the app upload process for enterprise builds via CI/CD, allowing the user to further automate the Quality Assurance processes. To view the API request details and learn more about this feature, please click here
  2. Updated App upload error messages to provide users with clear instructions on how to resolve any issues that arise during the upload process. This enhancement ensures a seamless App Upload experience.
  3. 60% improvement of execution speed for automated test runs on Android applications as part of the continuous effort to enhance customer experience on Sofy. This update reduces the time required for executing tests, allowing for faster deployments of mobile Applications to the end users.
  4. Sofy is now also available on the Safari browser!

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