September 2022

Updated by Adnan Pandjou

September 8, 2022, 9:00 AM PST

Summer is winding down, but we're still hard at work here at Sofy headquarters! Here's what's new over the last month:

  1. Functionality for iOS Enterprise Apps: We have added functionality for enterprise iOS apps on our platform. Users can now add their certificate text while uploading the build. This certificate text will be used in device acquisition for the app.
    Users can also update the Certificate Name of a build from the listing of builds section in app manager.
  2. Test case search improvements: We've introduced expanded Lab search engines, making it easier to further filter test cases with new options like Created by, Priority, and created date range.
    Users can now search test cases by name using this search text box.
    A filter icon with green dot shows that a filter is applied on this data. Users can clear this filter from the same modal.
  3. Edit Test Case screen design improvements: We've added a new section to the edit test case screen that allows you to update tags, priority, and test case names. The description of the test case can be found under the test case name.
    You can create a copy of this test case as a new test case. You may now also create a new template from this test case.
  4. Create an Issue on Jira and Azure from Failed Test Runs: You can now create issues on the Jira and Azure platforms from the failed automated test runs portal. If the issue tracking of the particular application is set, the portal will show the “add issues“ button on the automated failed test case. Click on “add issues” to open a new modal.
    The "add issues" allows you to select your Jira and Azure project and link the issue with the corresponding project. This will create an issue in the selected Jira and Azure project.
  5. New pagination design in listing portal: We've implemented new pagination designs on listing screens. Now you can see the total number of records and total pages, and you can navigate through pages using buttons.
    The top right displays the number of records shown on the current screen and total number of records that are available.
    At the bottom of every page, the current page number and total pages appear. Additionally, buttons allow you to navigate through the pages.
  6. And a variety of bug fixes!

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