Fetch Schedule Test Run Group IDs Endpoint

Updated by Jessica Holman

Below, we’ve listed out the existing route, the new route, and the functionality for the changed routes.

The following parameters are required to trigger the schedule in Sofy:

  • x-sofy-auth-key: To retrieve your subscription key, navigate to Account > Account Settings > API Key.
  • scheduledRunGuid: To retrieve your scheduledRunGuid as per the new route, navigate to Automation > Runs & Results and click on the CI/CD Settings integration icon next to the schedule name to capture the scheduledRunGuid.


Fetch test run group IDs for a scheduled automated test run.


curl --location "https://public.sofy.ai/scheduler-microservice/scheduled-runs/:scheduledRunGuid/test-run-groups" ` 
Replace the placeholder ScheduleRunGUID and authentication key values with the actual values.


"data": [
"testRunGroupId": "XXXXX",             
"executedAt": "2023-10-24T06:14:39.200Z",             
"status": "Stopped by User"         
"testRunGroupId": "XXXXX",             
"executedAt": "2023-10-20T10:59:10.290Z",             
"status": "Complete With Errors"         
"message": "Fetched 2 record(s)."

Error Response:

"error": {
"message": "Error message.",
"details": "Error details.",
"timestamp": "2023-10-23T09:23:51.845Z"

Schedule Test Runs Group ID Statuses

Different ScheduleTestRunsGroupStatuses possibly returned by the API are:

  • Queued: The schedule has been submitted to the scheduler and is awaiting device acquisition.
  • Running: The device was acquired and test execution has kicked off.
  • Complete: Test execution completed successfully. Test case results may be Pass or Fail.
  • Complete with errors: Test execution is completed but with statuses other than Pass or Fail for individual test runs. This includes—but is not limited to—Not Executed or Incomplete.

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