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What is Issue?

Product issue is synonym to a product bug in SOFY - you can create an issue while performing a test. SOFY enables tester to create different type of issues right from the product

Types of Issues

Following types of issues can be created from within the SOFY's platform while performing manual or adhoc testing:

  1. Performance
  2. Crash
  3. UI or UX issues
  4. Product functional issues

Creating issues in SOFY

  1. Get a device first - for a step by step on acquiring a device click here
  2. After installation of the application - select one of the test case to run
  3. During test execution - click on issue icon
  4. Add all the values of the issue
    1. Title of the issue
    2. Type of issue
    3. Add device log
  5. Click on "Create Issue"

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