Converting a Manual Test into Automated Test

Updated 6 months ago by Hyder Ali

Using Sofy, you don’t have to write scripting code for creating Automated Test Cases. Once created, automated test case is resilient to UI changes of the app, screen form factors and dynamic content using the power of Sofy’s AI/ML algorithms. While you can record an automated test case, you can also convert a Manual Run and convert it to an Automated Test Case using the following steps:

  1. Identify the Manual Test Run you want to convert to an Automated Test Case.
  2. Verify the Manual Test Run

View the manual Test Result to ensure that the manual steps are accurately recorded and reflects your automated Test Case scenario.  If it is not the case, perform another manual test so it reflects exactly what you would like your Automated Test Case to perform.

  1. Convert to Automated Test Case

Convert the Manual Test Case to Automated by clicking the Convert icon and specifying the name of the Automated Test Case.

  1. Verify the Test Case

Once converted, verify the newly created Automated Test Case under Main Menu => Automated => Test Runs

  1. Execute the Test Case

Verify Automated Test Case executes as expected.  To do so, Acquire a Device. Go to Automated Tab on the Device Portal, Select the Test Case, and execute the Test.

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