Azure DevOps

Updated 6 months ago by SYED A HAMID

  1. The Azure DevOps extension can be found in the Visual Studio Marketplace, install it to your organization by navigating to " " and selecting "Get it free"
  2. Select the organization you would like to install the extension to from the drop down and select "install"
  3. To start using the extension select "Proceed to Organization" once installation is finished
  4. To use the extension from your pipeline, navigate to the pipeline of your choice and add a Task to a post-build stage for Mobile Pipelines, or a post-deploy stage for Website Pipelines
  5. Under any kind of job that supports Test Tasks, add the "Stage Test Run on" task, found under the Test tab
  6. After configuring the task as instructed, save your pipeline.

The extension task will now execute at every release of this pipeline and test run details will show up in the terminal log.

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