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What is test data ?

Test data is commonly used term to describe different types of data used to perform testing. In order to get an expected outcome – different data will be used to test the variation.  E.g for performing a “performance testing” – lots of data are required to ensure the response is within the expected time.

Why test data is important?

Importance of data can be understood by an example  - suppose you’re testing an application that calculate tax for different countries (an ERP product like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics , etc) and for different type of sales (services vs food vs luxury items) . In order to effectively test the business logic for different countries – a software tester needs to create a different variation of tests ( country , items, item types , etc) to ensure functionality of the software can be validated.

Setting up test data in SOFY

  1. Click on test data once you have uploaded your application
  2. Click on Create Test Data
  3. Define the variable name to be used
  4. Select type of test data
    1. Value Pair
    2. Pattern
      1. Numeric
      2. Alphabetic(n)
      3. Alphanumeric(n)
      4. Data
  5. Click on Create Data

During the manual or automated test – you can use the Variable Name you identified in any test runs.

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