Smart Regression

Updated by SYED A HAMID

Smart Regression enables you identify Impacted Tests based on code changes to the most recent build. This is feature works in conjunction with CI/CD system like Azure DevOps. The example below show how Smart Regression works when Sofy is integrated with Azure DevOps.

  1. Every time code is merged to master branch, a build pipeline will run which will compile android code and additionally generate a build artifact (.apk file in this case)
  2. Add Release pipeline task from visual studio
  3. Setup the SOFY.AI release pipeline task and select integration option.

1. Upload build only.

2. Run all tests.

3. Run impacted tests only.

  1. Create a new Release pipeline
  2. traverses your  latest build and all the code commits to determine any changes to layouts and pushes them to cloud along with your latest build.
  3. For a selected build you can quickly see a list of manual and automated test cases that are impacted by the code changes.

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