Editing automated tests, rename, save as

Updated 6 months ago by SYED A HAMID

To edit Automated Tests, complete the following steps:

Please note that there are limited capabilities for editing an existing test such adding Asserts, changing Inputs to text boxes, and so forth.

  1. Open the Automated Test you would like to edit by clicking on the Test Cases on Automated Menu.
  2. Select the Automated Test Case you want to edit.
  3. You see the Automated Test in Edit view.
  4. You can add Asserts by clicking on the Screen which will show the elements on which you can create Asserts.
  5. Choose the element you wish to add an assert to.
  6. Choose the type of assert you would like to apply to this element (e.g. for text, use ASSERT_EQUALS_EXACT_MATCH).
  7. For text asserts, enter the the text you wish to check against.

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