Adding Asserts for Authored Tests

Updated 1 month ago by Adnan Pandjou

  1. Navigate to your Test Case by selecting the Automation tab in the right-hand sidebar.
  1. Select the Edit Icon to edit any of your recorded Test Cases.
  1. You'll see your Automated Test Case in Edit view. Here you can add tags, edit the name of your test, and save your test as a new name.
  1. You can edit your step or add asserts by clicking on any step in your test and selecting the Edit Icon from the menu.
  2. This will launch the step in Edit Mode, where you can get details about the step, give it a description / notes, as well as add asserts on any element.
  3. To add an assert (learn more about asserts here), navigate to Add Assert tab and then select the element you'd like to add an assert to.
  4. Choose the type of assert you would like to apply to this element (e.g. for text, use Test component has content, or for an image, use Test component is present). If your assert needs additional information, you'll be able to enter it after selecting the type of assert.
  5. For text asserts, enter the the text you wish to check against.
  6. Click Add Assert, and your assert will be set and saved.

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