SofySense Frequently Asked Questions

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SofySense is a powerful AI-driven assistant, powered by OpenAI, designed to help you get the most out of your Sofy experience. Think of SofySense as your personal assistant, helping you better analyze your results, create test cases, and much more.

SofySense integrates with Atlassian so that you can pass your Confluence pages where you've outlined the feature functionality, to generate steps for test cases.

SofySense Frequently Asked Questions

What information does SofySense use for analyzing test results?

SofySense uses an OpenAI-powered Large Language Model (LLM) to analyze test results and provide actionable insights. It condenses Sofy results, sending only the action performed, device metrics, and any errors encountered during execution to the AI model for thorough analysis, generating valuable insights and recommendations for users.

Does SofySense have access to my app's code binary?

No, SofySense does not have access to your app's code binary. The platform focuses on analyzing test results and providing insights based on the data provided. As a result, your code binary is not passed to the AI model and remains secure and confidential.

What information does SofySense gather from Confluence pages to create a manual test case?

SofySense retrieves content from your integrated Confluence page and uses an OpenAI-powered LLM to intelligently generate test cases based on the provided details, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This process takes into account the context and requirements outlined on the page.

Note: Integration with your Atlassian account is required for SofySense to access the content from your Confluence page.

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