Integrating Sofy with Jira

Updated 5 months ago by Adnan Pandjou

To integrate Sofy with Jira, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the following URL:
  2. Go to Settings and select Atlassian Account Settings
  3. Select Security
  4. Under the API token section, click on Create and manage API tokens
  5. Click on Create API Token, provide a label name, and click create
  6. This will create an API token. Save the token as you will need it to complete the integration in Sofy
  7. Navigate to the App Manager, select Issue Tracking Tab, select Jira, and then click on Next Step

  1. Now enter the information, including the Jira Sign in URL for your organization, Sign in Email, and the Person Access token that you created in Step 5
  1. Once you click Save Changes, the Jira integration will be complete.

Now that your Jira integration is complete, for any failed test you can start logging your issues directly in Jira so that your engineering team can track and take action accordingly. On your Test Results, navigate to the failed step in your test and click on "Add Issue".

This will open up a panel where you can enter the details of the issue which will be reported in Jira. For example

Click on "Create" to create an issue in Jira!

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