Understanding Web Test Results

Updated 8 months ago by SYED A HAMID

What type of tests are performed?

SOFY Performs full exploratory tests which means that by using machine learning and heuristics SOFY uses all the user available actions like button, Textbox etc. to traverse the full application. It also analyzes the application run time data while performing actions.

What validations are performed during the test runs?

SOFY performs the following types of validations (Sofy Audits) for each screen that it covers during the test run:

  1. Sofy Validations
    1. Security : SOFY uses Google lighthouse to identify security vulnerabilities and link to the issues that you can address
    2. Performance: During the tests, SOFY identifies each page that has greater than 2 second load time (screen 2 , shows the exact details for the cause of low performance)
    3. Mobile Experience: SOFY simulates the mobile experience and identifies the issues that can help improve mobile experience of your website
    4. SEO: Search engine optimization is generated using Google's lighthouse tool
  2. Clicking each row will show you the detail view of each screen that was covered during the test run. And each detailed screenshot will provide you the details about that particular page.

Web pages performance issues can be investigated by using network, image, content and request map analysis

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