Running Manual Tests

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  1. To run a manual test, you need to first setup a release and create test cases. You can read about it in detail about how to do these steps.
  2. Once the release and test cases are setup, go to the Lab and Acquire a device you want to run your manual test on.
  3. Once your device is successfully acquired. You will be redirected to Sofy Lab.
  4. Your existing test cases will be populated under the "Manual Tests" tab on the right hand side panel.
  5. You can select one of the manual test cases from the Manual Tests Tab and click on play (The green arrow).
  6. Once the test case starts- play with your app as you normally would an execute your test case steps. While you perform your test observe on the right hand side that Sofy is tracking all your steps.
  7. Once your steps are completed you can mark the test case as passed or failed and Sofy will record the result.

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