Creating and using Templates for Automated Tests

Updated 2 weeks ago by Adnan Pandjou

To help you save some time in creating test cases, we've created a feature called Templates. Templates are segments of test cases that can be saved and reused in creation of other test cases in edit mode. To create a Template, complete the following steps:

  1. First, go to an existing automated test case that you wish to select a segment and create a reusable template with, and enter the edit view.
  2. Click on Create new template from test
  3. In the new view, click on the screen that you wish to be the starting point of the template.
  4. Then click on the screen that you wish to be the ending point of the template.
  5. Name the template, and hit save.
  6. You can view and edit templates like you would test cases.
  7. Drag and drop the template to the location where it is needed in an existing test case.
  8. Expand or collapse to view or hide the contents of the template.

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