Testing IOS Apps using Sofy

Updated 8 months ago by Hyder Ali

The best way to test an IOS Apps is sign a Developer provisioned build with UDIDs of Sofy IOS Devices.  You cannot upload an IOS App you downloaded from Apple Playstore and run on Sofy.  This is because of the way Apple designed their apps to work on their devices.


Some common questions?

  1. Why don’t I see IOS devices in a trial subscription?
  • IOS devices are visible after you upload an IOS App.
  • Also, IOS App testing option is not available in trial subscription

  1. How will I get UDIDs of IOS devices?

When you have a paid subscription, you can request UDIDs of IOS devices by sending email to support@sofy.ai and requesting the same.


  1. Are there any differences in the way Sofy tests Android and IOS devices?

The user experience and functionality is identical when using Sofy to test Android and IOS App.

  1. When a create an Automated Test Case, can use the same test across Android and IOS devices?

No, you cannot do that.  The implementation of the Apps across Android and IOS can be different and there can be subtle differences in the app behavior that makes Automated Test Case reuse difficult in Sofy.


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