Creating your first no-code automated test

Updated 5 days ago by Adnan Pandjou

Sofy is a no-code testing platform that automates your regression testing on real devices. You can follow these simple steps to create you first automated test:

  1. Upload your App --> Upload your Android or iOS builds from your local machine.
  2. Create a Release --> Assign an active release to track all your test runs for your latest product launch.
  3. Acquire a device --> Select a device of your choosing from the Device lab. Sofy will automatically upload your application and render the mobile device screen on your browser.
  4. Create your automated test --> Start testing your application and Sofy will create a no-code automation script for you in the background.
  5. Execute your test --> Once you have created an automated test, you can execute it immediately or schedule it for a later time.
  6. View your test results --> Once your test has executed you can view your results along with the performance metrics, such as, UI load time, inbound and outbound network traffic.

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