Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers:

Uploading an Application

  • Do you support both Android and iOS Apps? What file formats are supported for testing on Sofy?
    Yes, we support testing for both Android and iOS devices. You can upload your APK file for Android and IPA file for iOS. Once uploaded, the process for creating a no-code automation test is the same.

  • Can I download an iOS App from the Apple App Store, upload it to Sofy, and run it?
    Due to the manner in which Apple designs its apps to operate on Apple devices, this is not possible. The best way to test an iOS app is to sign a developer provisioned build with the UDIDs of Sofy iOS Devices.

  • How do I get the UDIDs of specific iOS devices if I don't want Sofy to resign builds for me?
    With a paid subscription, you can request iOS device UDIDs by sending an email request to the following address: 

Additional Information

  • Does Sofy support manual testing?
    Yes, we do! Sofy has a lab full of real devices that you are able to use for testing from anywhere in the world.  The only difference between our lab and you holding a real device in your hands is that your mouse becomes your finger. 

  • Does Sofy offer testing services?
    We understand sometimes test cases need to be rapidly onboarded and often times additional resources are required. We do provide a services engagement, for details, please reach out to

  • Does Sofy support load testing?
    Sofy operates on a shared device pool model, and currently does not support load testing with real devices. Though similar results can be achieved via utilizing API calls.

  • Does Sofy support API testing?
    Yes indeed! API calls can be utilized to allow sending voice / biometric data that would otherwise require the device’s camera or microphone to allow further UI testing. You can also use APIs to interact with your backend and fetch data that can be used as input variables in the test. Additionally, the data captured from API calls can be used in separate API calls as part of their header or body. For a more detailed instruction on how to use Sofy's API capabilities, please click here

  • Can we use our own devices to create and run automated scenarios with Sofy?
    Yes you can. You can add your own device farm onto our network of devices to use in conjunction with our devices.  Our onboarding process will make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Please contact us ( if this is a functionality you would like to enable.

  • Are there any differences in the way Sofy tests Android and iOS devices?
    No, Sofy's user experience and functionality are identical for both Android and iOS apps. However, due to iOS limitations, disabling wifi and network throttling on iOS devices is not available.

  • When I create an Automated Test Case, can I use the same test across Android and iOS devices?
    No, app implementation across Android and iOS environments can be different. For example, there may be subtle differences in an app's flow across the platforms which can easily result in failed tests. For that reason, we treat Android apps and iOS apps as separate entities for testing purposes.
  • Can I install my choice of VPN on Sofy devices to test Mobile Apps?
    Yes, however, as VPN configurations and policies can vary across Apps and your organization’s needs, we recommend that you connect with our support team ( to help you setup VPN on Sofy devices for your testing needs. Before you can use your choice of VPN, you will need to upgrade to a Sofy plan that provides you with a dedicated device and we will help you configure the device to your specific VPN requirements.
  • Does Sofy support mobile web testing?
    Sofy is a no-code automation testing platform. Today, we support ad hoc / manual and automated testing on mobile applications. We provide limited functionality for mobile web and are actively working towards improving our capabilities. Please reach out to us ( if you need support for mobile web and we will gladly work with you to address your needs.

  • Our staging environment requires whitelisting, where can i find your IP addresses?
    Please reach out to our support team at and we will be sure to connect you with the right person for whitelisting information.

  • Why don’t I see iOS devices during my trial subscription?
    iOS devices become visible after you upload an iOS App. Please note that Sofy's iOS app testing option is not available during trial subscriptions.

  • I can only access one device during trial, does this change when I subscribe as a customer?
    Yes, you can access multiple devices when you subscribe as a customer. The number of devices you can access will depend on your subscription plan.

  • How can I use One-Time-Password (OTP) when authorizing my App on Sofy?
    Most of our customers take one of the following approaches, (a) setup a static value as an OTP code in the staging environment, or (b) fetch OTP code as an API response (see here on how to save an API response as your test variable).

How to extend your trial

  • What are “device minutes”?
    The amount of time user spends on any device acquired is calculated in minutes.
  • How are device minutes calculated?
    Sofy aggregates all device minutes across sessions that user spends in each billing cycle.
  • What are the different types of device sessions?
    a) Device Lab session
    b) Schedule run
  • What happens if user exceeds device minutes allocated?
    If user exhausts all device minutes that are allocated as per subscribed plan, then user will not be able to access any mobile devices and will get an error message “Device Hours Limit Exceeded”.
  • How to add more device hours?
    Reach out to if your devices minutes are exceeded and you would like to add additional minutes to your account.

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