Interacting with a Device in Device Lab

Updated 6 months ago by Hyder Ali

Once you acquire a device, it will open the device page in a separate tab and you will be able to interact with the device for testing. To do so, complete the following steps:

As soon as you acquire the device, Sofy will start installing your selected app on the device and automatically launch it for you.

You can change the app you want to test by clicking on "Select App" on the left panel. This will allow you to directly upload an .apk or an .ipa file into this current lab session or allow you to pick any other application under your account.

You can control the phone by hovering your mouse anywhere on the phone screen and taking the desired action. On the right side of the phone screen you will see a control panel for performing additonal actions on the phone. It includes the following sections:

Orientation (allows for switching between landscape and orientation modes)

Once the app orientation changes the view in the lab would also update to landscape mode.

Home Button:

Clicking on the Home button would take you to the device home screen.

Clear text / Enter / Back Buttons

Clear Text : Can be used to instantly clear text on any of the textual components in the device.

Enter: Presses the Enter Key on the device.

Back: Hits the back button

WiFi button

For users who want to test functionality on the device by toggling the WiFi on and off - this quick setting allows them to toggle WiFi on the device.

Element Explorer

Element explorer mode allows any user to quickly see the form lay strucutre of their app and select a component and see granular details (if available) such as the resource id, class, XPATH, Text, Content Desc etc.

Create Issue:

If the user sees a defect and wants to create an issue either within Sofy or share it on any of their integrated issue tracking system, this quick setting allows you to capture screenshot, device logs, descriptiong of the issue and push it from right here in the lab session.

Location Mocking:

For users who want to change the default device location and mock some other location, this setting allows quick access to changing the device location settings and mock it to another location by providing the Lat/Long.

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