Understanding Mobile Test Results

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During an Exploratory Run, SOFY reports the following :-

  1. Total number of screens it covered (both dynamic or static data)
  2. Total number of unique screens covered using classification algorithms and similarity hashing algorithms to determine overall coverage.
  3. Total number of issues identified

What Type of Tests are Performed?

SOFY performs full exploratory tests, which means that by using machine learning and heuristics, SOFY uses all the user available actions like a button, including Textbox, to traverse the full application. .

What Validation is Performed During the Test Runs?

SOFY performs the following types of validations (SOFY Audits) for each screen that it covers during the test run:

  1. SOFY Validations
    1. Security Validations: SOFY reviews the APK file to understand if there are any security vulnerabilities and proper application settings. Sofy also analyzes if the network data is transferred over https and to the proper websites.
    2. Visual Quality: SOFY analyzes every single screen and determines its layout, accessibility and coloring to determine if it's good for the users or not.
    3. Exceptions: SOFY tracks real-time data and checks for application crashes and exceptions based on all the exceptions available.
    4. Crashes: SOFY analyzes the run time and identifies crashes with full-stack trace to help investigate issues.
    5. Changes: SOFY constantly compares the screens and identifies changes.
    6. Performance: Each screen is tracked to understand the UI load time and network traffic to identify performance issues

Click on any audit results to see the detail description of failures and how to address those.

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