Run Manual Test

Updated 3 months ago by SYED A HAMID

SOFY makes it very easy to create , run and report issues for manual test cases. Follow the steps below to run your manual tests:

  1. Make sure you have at least one manual test created. Click here to see how to create manual tests
  2. Select Device
  3. Select on the devices available for your subscription by clicking on ACQUIRE. Remember device is allocated for 30 minutes initially. New browser window will be opened for the device selected and latest version of your application will be automatically installed
  4. Select one the Test cases from the lists
  5. Click the PLAY button. Now SOFY will track all the work that's do
    ne by the manual tester
    1. Tests can be marked as PASS, FAILED OR STOPPED
  6. You can create an issue by clicking on the ISSUE icon
  7. SOFY will capture all the relevant information about the issue that will be useful for the developer to investigate. Issue will have
    1. Issue Title
    2. Issue can be product or test
    3. Description
    4. Screen Image
    5. Device Logs
    6. Device Information will be automatically selected

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